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MVE has teamed up with RER Saddlery to bring Kingsley saddles to the US market.  We have the range of Kingsley saddles in stock for our clients to try.  Please fill out the saddle inquiry form to the right so that we can share your information with our saddle specialist who will contact you directly! 


The D1

Close contact feel; particularly suited to the high-withered or straight-backed horse


The D5

Extra-deep seat with high cantle; Three-quarter length panels; large thigh blocks to support the rider


Pony Dressage

Specifically designed for small riders; Three-quarter length panels.


The D2

Close contact feel; short panels that are particularly suited to round-ribbed horses (PRE, Lusitano, Friesian, etc)

Saddle D6_2.jpg

The D6

Close contact feel; forward flaps with a narrow twist



Close contact with a medium deep seat; full panels


The D4

Deep seat with high cantle; three-quarter length panels.

Saddle D7_def.jpg

The D7

Forward flap; Narrow twist with a slightly wider cantle to
provide extra comfort  and stability in the saddle

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