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Misty View & Kingsley Riding 

Misty View is proud to carry Kingsley boots and to have a close and positive working relationship with the Kingsley headquarters in the Netherlands and with the factory in Portugal.  Our outstanding customer service coupled with Kingsley's quality materials and craftsmanship is a winning combination and has made us greatly successful in the industry.  Misty View has a team of experienced reps who can meet with you in person or on zoom.  We believe the first step to designing the right boots for you begins with a conversation.  Click below to start the conversation and to learn more about the boots and our process.

We will then be in touch soon!


Personalized Boot Consultation


Unique 3-D Design Configurator  


Premium Leather, Hardware, Soles

brown boots.jpeg


CNC precision cut, then assembled and stitched by hand


Quality control checked


Fastest Turnaround in the industry (4-6 weeks)

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