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Kingsley Pads ® are designed for pressure relief and shock absorption, while being light weight and promoting air flow.


The Ortho pad has been developed to accommodate the hard to fit horseback or to help with saddle fit issues until the saddle fitter can advise and help! This version of the Kingsley Ortho pad® is designed to lift the saddle in the back and consists of a single layer in the front part, a double layer in the midsection and a triple layer in the back. 

Kingsley Ortho Pad 123 (rear lift)

  • Kingsley Pads® consist of breathable layers of a uniquely 3D-woven, moisture-wicking polyester fibre. The moisture-wicking feature has a dual action: it rapidly transfers sweat to the outer layer and dries it out quickly, so that it doesn’t saturate the pad.

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