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A glam variation on the popular sportstyle glove!

The Uvex sportstyle diamond was developed by uvex and  designers from Swarovski®. The glove’s strap sparkles and shines with Swarovski® crystals and pearls in a range of blue and purple tones.  

A unique design developed exclusively for uvex!

Uvex Sportstyle Diamond Gloves (white)

  • Because hands tend to sweat particularly in the summer and riding gloves often get dirty, they should be washed regularly to maintain an optimal, secure grip.  

    Important: close the velcro strap, matching up the patches perfectly, to ensure that nothing gets stuck in the velcro when in the washing machine – so that the velcro closure continues to work properly. We also recommend placing the gloves in a laundry bag before washing them in the machine.

    Specific instructions for hand and machine-washing can be found inside each uvex glove. When washing by hand, use a mild soap and water. Important: allow the gloves to air-dry and do not iron.

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