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Saphir Medaille D'Or Polishing Shoe shine brush. Made from hand waxed exotic wood. Black boar bristles and ergonomic ridged sides. 


This is a versatile brush and can be used for cleaning as well as shining. (We personally have a dedicated one of these that we use to brush the sand out from the edges of our boot soles after we ride!) Made with a stiffer bristle this brush is suitable for removing any excess polish and adding a soft shine to the waxes. Also useful in removing dirt and dust.

Saphir Polishing Brush MEDAILLE D'OR®

  • 1. The Polishing Brush is used to remove dirt and excess wax from the shoe before applying waxes.
    2. If applying wax polish to the shoe, use a dabbing brush or cotton chamois. Do not use the Polishing Brush.
    3. Once the waxes are dry, use the Polishing Brush to remove excess wax and work up a subtle shine.
    4. To achieve a high shine, finish by quickly buffing with a horsehair brush.

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