If you really want to treat your horse, it is the L Únique bridle you should choose!
The bridle is outfitted with SD's new custom designed Air Tunnel crownpiece. The Air Tunnel is placed exactly above the poll and helps reduce pressure on the poll. This well padded crownpiece has a large surface area, which also helps reduce pressure on the sensitive poll and neck. 
The L Únique bridle is made from eco friendly leather which means that there has not been used any chemicals in the tanning proces. It has the most beautiful and elegant curved browband.
The noseband is so stunning and is 5 cm wide in the middle and is very narrow in the sides so it does not put pressure on the facial nerves and allows ample room for the bit.

Comes with a set of rubber reins
Full Size.

SD L'Unique Bridle-Brown/Brown- Full sized


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