Everyone who sees these boots wants them!  Patent "Roma Black" boot with croc bril "Paula" top.

The Capri 01 is the classic dressage boot, with a reinforced outside and a wider fit through the ankle--please note that they are not meant to be fit to your ankle, so that your foot can get in the stiff boot!



Shoe: 41

Height: Medium Corta, 46 cm

Calf: XL, 40.2 cm

Knee: 38.2 cm

Ankle: 28.5 cm

Kingsley Capri--Patent Black, size 41

  • For trials, customer must purchase the boot in full.  Return shipping fees are customer's responsibility.  If boot is returned in its original condition, a full refund will be made, minus original shipping fee.

Flat Rate Shipping on all Orders (excluding Kingsley) $9.95 (US Only)




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