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Did you know that regular use of boot trees should be step one of your boot care routine?  And did you also know that cedar boot trees are the best for your fine riding boots?


If you've invested in a quality pair of boots, you need to treat them right, and that starts by always using boot trees to maintain their shape and avoid unecessary breakdown around the ankle.  


But why cedar in particular?  #1 Cedar is a natural odor absorbe (who wants stink boot?!


However, perhaps its most important property, is the fact that cedar absorbs moisture.  Moisture is the enemy of leather and especially of stitching.  Your cedar boot trees actually absorb (and thus battle) the moisture that can potentially dry your leather and rot your stitching.


We know that boots can take a beating in the barn and in the riding ring, but regular care and attention can significantly prolong their life!

Cedar Boot Trees- Cavallo


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