The ANKY® Bridle Comfort Fit Anatomical Croco bridle is made of top quality English leather. The high quality of the leather ensures a long life for the bridle. The anatomically shaped headpiece is extra softly padded with leather and provides extra freedom behind the horse’s ears thanks to its round shape. It also ensures a better pressure distribution and reduces the pressure at an important nerve situated on top of the horse’s head. The bridle has a curved browband embellished with Jet-Black Stellux imitation diamonds from South Africa. The combined crank noseband with luxurious croco print completes the glamorous look. The bridle features shiny, silver-coloured hardware and  comes with anti-slip reins. 


Choice of patent or regular noseband.  Please note that the regular matte noseband features rolled cheek pieces and an anatomic shape, designed specially designed to accommodate the cheekbones and sensitive facial nerves of the horse and also reduce pressure on the horse's teeth.  See noseband picture and browband picture (both accompany the matte/regular noseband version of the bridle).

Anky Comfort Fit Anatomical Bridle--Croco

Noseband Finish

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