In either black with blue/black/clear crystal browband or in havana brown with baby blue crystal browband... so much to love in this super soft and supple convertible eco-friendly leather bridle.

Featuring an anatomic gel-padded headpiece, the bridle allows freedom of movement and distributed pressure evenly across the horse’s poll. The headpiece is a single strap with a buckle attachment for the noseband, avoiding any pinching over the poll.

The noseband can be worn either with or without the flash. Featuring a non-crank closure, the noseband distributes pressure evenly and provides a perfect fit.


  • vegetable tanned eco friendly Italian leather
  • Elegant curved crystal browband
  • Gel-padded anatomic head piece (single strap)
  • Gel-padded convertible noseband - can be worn as a cavesson or hanoverian
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Leather and rubber grip reins  included
  • Quality stitching and craftsmanship.

"Anastasia" Convertible Snaffle Bridle